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All The Details Contracting
601 Market St.
Zelienople, PA 16063
Hours: Mon. - Sat.

20+ Years Experience.  Fully Insured. Free Estimates.
For all remodeling needs. Specializing in additions,
bathrooms, kitchens, floors and etc.
ceramic tie, drywall, decks, roofing, patios and etc.
Can do electrical work, plumbing work, whole house repair.

Baleno Concrete
Professional Services
Since 1991
69 Sycamore St.
 Etna, PA 15223-2236

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Angie's List

Residential - Commercial
Driveways - Sidewalks - Patios - Steps - Curbs
Retaining Walls - Handicap Ramps
Swimming Pool Decking

Creative Construction
Cranberry LLC.

114 Manor Rd., Cranberry Twp.,
PA 16066

Landscaping - Excavating - Grading - Trenches
Top Soil - Mulch - Fill Dirt
Yard Seeding - Tie Walls - Decorative Block

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