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Energy Inspection

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Infrared East
102 Stratford Drive
Butler, Pennsylvania
Hours  8-5

  • Energy Inspection Residential & Commercial

  • Flood/Fire Moisture evaluations

  • HVAC Duct Loss

  • Electrical Distribution Systems

  • Preventative/Baseline Maintenance Programs

  • Roof Moisture Inspections

  • Tank Level

Residential, Industrial, Commercial
 Infrared Inspection

Infrared East provides Infrared and visual imaging service to the Residential, Industrial and Commercial Communities. We have the ability to visualize thermal imaging, not apparent to the naked eye. Our documented report of findings can provide you with quick cost effective solutions to your problems.

The mission of Infrared East is to provide our customers with information they need to identify areas of energy inefficiency, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels and becoming stewards of the environment. Further, we provide evaluation of electrical and structural problems through quality assessments to guide them through the identification and documentation process of their needs. Infrared East is committed to providing quality service at a justifiable price. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Call Us to explore how an Energy Inspection will benefit you,
and how we might be of service to you. 


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