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Our stylists at Jamie Lynne's Hair Salon can help you find the right design whether you are interested in a totally new creation, need something for a special event... or just want some expert help in selecting one of the many options available to bring out your personal best. They can give you a healthy shining, flattering, and easy to manage style.  Our friendly staff will take care of you with a selection of relaxing and personal services designed to get you looking your best.  We have the experience to manage or create any style for any length of hair you can imagine.

need something for a special event...

Jamie Jynne's jamie Lynne's
Jamie Lynne's Jamie Lynne's
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for that special occasion.
Like fashion, hair cut styles come and go. 
However, newly discovered hair care products help make a lot of hair styles look sleek and manageable.  Long or short, there are always hundreds of styles to choose from.  What is a rave today, may not be so tomorrow.  Again, hair style is trendy today, may com and go after few months.  Regardless of the trends we can make you feel and look like a natural woman

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Jamie Jynne's
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Jamie Lynne's

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Jamie Lynne's
Jamie Lynne's
Jamie Lynne's

Men, Women and Children's Hair Cuts
Style Haircuts, Perms, Coloring & Highlighting,
Tints, Color Correction, Shampoo, Straightening, Conditioning,
 Manicures & Eyebrow Waxing

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