The Advisor Mortgage Group
is a full service Company that does ALL types of residential and
commercial financing, this includes Purchases, Refinancing and construction lending.

We also own
"The Advisor Settlement Group, LLC."  which allows us not only to do the financing
but to close the loan as well.

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Ken Kennedy, Vice President
  Ken is one of the most conscientious brokers you will find. He personally dedicates himself to making sure that your loan is done accurately, properly and professionally. Ken has been in the mortgage banking industry for the past 4 years, with 15 combined years of banking experience.

He joined Doug and Terry because he respects their integrity and character, and values the great support staff and in-house services at The Advisor Mortgage Group.

He takes great pride in making sure a loan is truly the best fit for you and making loans come together cleanly. Ken is a straight shooter when he says: "We don't sell you a loan, we give you choices." He wants what's best for you, and the entire team at The Advisor Mortgage Group backs him up.

One of our big differences is support. From processing through closing, The Advisor Mortgage Group team has been in banking and customer service for many years. They provide the stability, knowledgeable service and customer care to let you know how important you are.

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  Rate Lock Policy
  A mortgage rate lock-in is an agreement between a lender and you. It specifies
a mortgage loan program, an interest rate, total points due and an expiration date of the agreement. We guarantee that regardless of market conditions, you will receive a loan with terms according to the rate lock-in agreement.

Are there rate lock-in fees?

Customarily, most "internet mortgage mills" charge fees up front to lock in your rate. Their rate lock period is for 30 days on the internet, with substantial fees to extend the rate lock.

The Advisor Mortgage Group does not charge "lock-in" or commitment fees in advance to apply for a loan. We lock your rates for 45 calendar days, which is much more realistic for closing on a loan.

When is the rate lock commitment?

We commit to a rate lock at the time we discuss your loan application over the phone. Others commit only after a written confirmation is supplied to you, potentially risking a rate increase.

Are there cancellation fees?

With the Advisor Mortgage Group, you apply without an up-front commitment fee. In order to start the loan application processing, we require the appraisal fee be paid up front. If you back out of the loan, there's no cost, unless the appraisal has already been performed.

What Happens If Rates Decrease After A Rate Is Locked?

If rates decrease by more than 3/8% between the time borrowers locks their rate and the time of closing, borrowers will be offered an option to renegotiate their existing rate lock. Please note that renegotiation might cause the scheduled closing date to be delayed.

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