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Reiki A Natural Healing System 
Rev. Mary Cupps DD
Healing Minister/Consultant
Reiki  Master/Teacher
Karuna (tm) Master/Teacher
For appointments or additional Information


(Pronounced Ray Key, it is Japanese word meaning
 Universal Life Energy)

is an ancient system of natural healing,
re-discovered in the early 1900's by
Dr. Mikao Usui

Treatments are available in the privacy & convenience of your home, office or
at Health Naturale, in Zelienople.

What Does a treatment Feel Like?
It has been described as deeply relaxing, nurturing, loving acceptance, inner peace, security,
joy, calm, contentment, a feeling of well-being; different for everyone.

Reiki  must be experienced to be fully appreciated and understood.
What does
Reiki  do?

Alleviates Pain- Stops Bleeding - Accelerates natural healing of cuts, burns, sports injuries, surgery, etc. - Relaxes the body - Stimulates and strengthens the immune system - relaxes muscle spasms - Eliminates Stress - Alleviates emotional hurts and fears - Allows the body to heal itself - Acts on the cause of the problem, not the systems - Lessons side effects of some medications - Has a calming effect on oneself before stressful situation, such as an exam, job interview, or public speaking - Is recognized among doctors and other health-care professionals as being safe and complementary therapy to other forms of treatment - It is used in hospitals to relax patients before surgery and lesson bleeding and promote healing after surgery - Has been known to be effective in cases that did not respond to other forms of treatment.

What To Expect During A Treatment
Most people reach a very deep state of total relaxation.
The practitioner places his/her hands Lightly and gently on various locations (
Energy Centers)
of the body.  The recipient remains fully clothed, usually lying on a massage table.
Everyone from babies to Senior Citizens; even animals and plants benefit.
"Reiki  Babies" are very happy, relaxed children.
Mothers enjoy the relief from back pains, etc. before the baby is born and labor
 is usually much easier.
"Reiki " relieves much of the trauma of birth.

The Story of
"Noodles, needles,
Reiki and a couple's love for their pet"...
click on The story of Noodles from
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Who Can Become Attuned?

Everyone, even very young children, and of course,
adults of any age.
Once "Reiki " is activated in a person, they have it for life.  The ability to transfer the energy is passed on during an Attunement or Empowerment by a  "Reiki " Master/Teacher.
The Attunement allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of the Life Force Energy to improve health and the quality of life for himself and his loved ones.

Free Reiki Intro and Demonstration sessions
are available for groups, employee Perk packages -
Treatments and/or Classes for your employees - on location.
Relaxed employees are happier and more productive.

PHONE  724.713.0375  For additional details 
Reiki A Natural Healing System ABOUT US .htm

email addtess: reiki3lady@gmail.com

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