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Ray Walsh Auto Repair

3778 California Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Service 412.761.5235  Fax 412.459.0056
Sales 412.761.2203    7:30 am to 5:pm Mon.- Sat.
General Repairs
- A/C Service - Tune Ups - Tires 
 Oil Changes - State Inspections - Emissions - Brakes 
Notary Services - T-Plates  Used Cars
Ray Walsh Auto repair disount coupon

Automakers do sometimes build vehicles that should
simply have "headache" written on the side.
 But happily, most modern vehicles, no matter the make or model, are darned
 impressive machines - especially if they're given periodic care.

The Car Doctor is in!
Rich Miller
Manager of Ray Walsh's 
Auto Repair for 14 Years.
Servicing Autos for 32 years, and part of
the Brighton Heights neighborhood for life. 

At Ray Walsh's Auto Repair has the staff and the experience
of curing your automotive
We have been part of the neighborhood for over 32 years.
 Service Manager
Rich Miller has cured the auto problems of our customers.

Doctor Rich knows the life line of your vehicle
is the oil that maintains your engine.

Though new vehicles are mighty expensive to buy these days, the good news is that they're capable of lasting longer than ever. With frequent oil changes - perhaps the most important maintenance task of all - most modern engines are capable of going 150,000 miles or more without major repairs.  In the old days - the really old days - automobiles required routine service every few hundred miles. During the 1960s and 1970s, 3,000-mile oil and lubrication service intervals were the norm. Today, automakers have stretched recommended oil changes to 7,500 miles or more, while chassis components are sealed so they never need lubrication. There's no question that technology has eliminated or reduced the need for several routine service chores. But when it comes to oil, many mechanics question the whole business of extended service intervals. They still prefer to see the oil changed every 3,000 miles or so; after all,
oil is an engine's life blood.

 We'll let you be the judge of when to change your vehicle's oil,
but Dr. Rich will make it simple with our

 and our:

OUR 20 POINT Check UP...FREE with every oil lube and filter.
Oil - Oil Filter - Lubrication - Tire Pressure - Tire Condition
Power Steering Fluid - Brake Fluid - Transmission fluid - Belts - Hoses  Coolant level - Coolant condition - Air Filter Washer Fluid - Inspection Sticker - Shocks - Struts - Exhaust system 
Battery Terminals Battery condition


Ray Walsh Auto Repair
Oh Yea, Thank You, and don't forget to tell 
your friends!

Ray Walsh owner

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