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Game Heads: make initial cuts as indicated
 on diagram.  Cut scalp extra long making
 sure you include the entire brisket.  The
 correct amount of skin will be included if
 you make sure to stay behind the shoulder
 and leave several inches of front leg skin
 attached to the scalp.   Make sure that the
 opening cut on the back of neck is clean and straight.
Next, start to peel and skin the hide from
the shoulder and neck up to the base of the skull.

If you are not experienced at skinning around the horns, eyes, lips and nose its best at this point to sever the  head from the neck, leaving the shoulder and neck attached to the head.  Then, take the head to your taxidermist to have him complete the skinning.

If your hunting out of state, and can't get your trophy back within
 48 hours, take it to the nearest professional taxidermist in the area
 and ask them to cape the head out and turn the ears, eyes, lips, and
 nose and thoroughly salt every detail.  This service will normally
$20.00 - $30.00 for a deer size animal, but if done properly, it
 will help insure that you don't lose your valuable trophy to spoilage
 before you deliver or ship to the taxidermist.

  If your in-state and you are going to have your butcher process your
 deer, don't assume that he knows how to skin it properly for a full
 shoulder mount.  There are many fine trophy bucks ruined every 
 year the butcher was not instructed.

  If you are experienced in turning the ears, eyes, and nose, remember
 to salt the cape thoroughly.  Use at least 2 to 4 pounds of regular fine
 table salt for an average deer size cape, and rub it into every detail.
  Make sure that all fat and flesh have been removed before you salt
 the cape.  After salting, roll the cape up, fresh side in, for a few
 hours; then shake the wet salt out and re-salt with dry salt.  
  Semi-dry the cape in shade; then roll up for shipping or 
transportation in a burlap bag.  

use plastic bag, as it will promote spoilage
if there is any moisture in the cape.
  To remove the skull with antlers or horns attached, simply saw off
 the top of the skull through the center of the eye sockets.

Lee's Taxidermy
298 South Cottage Road, Mercer,
  PA 16137

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