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Lee's Taxidermy
State & Federally Licensed
298 South Cottage Road
 Mercer, PA 16137



Being a Pennsylvania resident all my life, I grew up with deer, turkey, duck and small game hunting.   I have had the pleasure to experience Quebec (Caribou), out West (Elk and Mule deer) hunting and hope to have other experiences when time and money permit.
Since, I have become a professional Taxidermist, I have met some great people and have had the privilege to mount many beautiful animals.  
Including Exotic Big  Game from Africa, North American species of (Bear, Elk, Bison) and of course Pennsylvanian White Tail.  Their are as many ways to mount a animal as their are animals to mount.


If you are interested in getting : Antelope, Bear, Boar, Bobcat, Deer, Elk, Fox,  Mountain Goat, Catalina, Mountain Lion, Moose, Peccary, Spanish Barbary Sheep, Big Horn-Dall-Desert-Stone Sheep, Woodcock, Grouse, Duck (Diver or Puddle)  Goose, Turkey, or that trophy of a life time fish, call me for pricing.


When you call we can discuss the many varied mounting options available to you. 
If you are looking for head mounted rugs, I have done them from
tip of the nose to base of their tails.


Here are some pictures of mounts at the shop: 
Just click on the photo to enlarge.

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A 50% Deposit (100%% on waterfowl)
is required on all taxidermy work.

ALL TANNING must be paid in full IN ADVANCE.
When sending your raw trophies, hides and skins to be mounted,
write us at the time of shipment, giving us full instructions:
otherwise we have to use our own judgment in preparing them.  

Attach your name, address, and ship prepaid. 

Upon completion of your order,
we will notify you for the balance due.  
You will have 7 working days to pick up merchandise;
thereafter a $5.00 per day storage fee will apply. 
Unclaimed goods will be the property of
 Lee's Taxidermy: after 30 days and will be sold for balance due;
which include any additional fees.

Our reputation is established and we will serve you well.

Lee's Taxidermy  How To Skin Your Trophy


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