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  • PA State Inspection
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  • Tire Repair
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  • Coolant Flush
  • Preventive Maintenance

"Personalized Service"

The Wynn's Power Flush makes the job of engine coolant easy by connecting to the cooling system through the upper radiator hose. The machine removes old, contaminated fluid from the entire cooling system including the engine block, heater core, water pump and hoses, then refills it with fresh coolant.

The Wynn's
Power Flush provides the best way of completely cleaning the cooling system. Connected via the top hose, the Power Flush is simple and quick to set up and will complete a service is approximately 20 minutes.

The result is a revitalized cooling system that will keep the engine at optimum temperature, saving fuel and restoring effective vehicle heating
Cooling System Flush

Removes rust and scale Dissolves oil and grease.  Restores optimal cooling.
Prevents fouling of the new cooling fluid
Safe for rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system


Cooling System Stop Leak

Stops and prevents minor leaks
in the radiator, engine block, cooling and heating system Stops heater matrix leaks Prevents the formation of rust and corrosion.   Suitable for vehicles and all water-based coolants

Cylinder Block Seal

Repairs in the cylinder block without dismantling.  Forms a glass-hard layer in contact with air Repairs cracks in cylinder blocks made from cast iron, steel or aluminum.  Permanent repair in 30 minutes resists high pressures, water pressure and vibrations

The Wynn's Power Serve is the most effective way of replacing the fluid in a power steering system.

The Wynn's
Power Serve is a portable, lightweight, easy to operate and efficient unit that flushes the old system of old, contaminated fluid ad refills it with new. The flush and refill procedure is performed via the power steering fluid reservoir. The power Serve can be used with systems using either conventional or AFT based power steering fluid.

Power Serve removes the old fluid, replacing it with Wynn's Power Steering Flush, which is pumped around the rack and system. When the cleaning process is complete, replacement power steering fluid is pumped in as the flush is removed, providing a complete fluid exchange
Power Steering
Stop Leak

Stops and prevents leaks in the power
steering system.  Eases 'morning sickness' and quietness full lock squealing.

Prevents and stops oil leaks without dismantling
Revitalizes rubber, neoprene seals and O-rings
Cleans and protects the system.
Smoothes and quietness power steering action
Prolongs component life

Diesel System Cleaner
For diesel engines

A concentrated treatment which will maintain the performance of the fuel injection system.

Cleans and lubricates the fuel pump and injectors.  Restores injector spray pattern and improves combustion.  Reduces black smoke
Prevents fouling of the fuel filter
Protects against rust and corrosion

Fuel System Cleaner
For Petrol Engines

A concentrated treatment which will maintain the
performance of the fuel injection system.

Lubricates the injectors, inlet valves, fuel system and upper cylinder area.  Prevents the formation of deposits on injectors and valves.  Cleans the fuel injection system Prevents against rust and corrosion


H.P.L.S Transmission

Improves gearbox performance and reduces wear and noise. Can be used with ATF fluid in manual gearboxes, but not in automatic transmissions.

Eases gear change, reduces noise and vibration
Increases anti-friction and anti-wear
properties of the gear oil.  Retards oil oxidation
Suitable for limited slip differentials

Part number 59405 - 125ml

Manual Gearbox
Stop Leak

Stops and prevents leaks in manual gearboxes
Revitalizes rubber and neoprene seals and O-rings
Reduces gear train noise
Smoothes gear changes, particularly when cold
Protects gearboxes at high temperatures and full loads

Automatic Transmission

Smoothes and quietness gear changes and power steering operation cleans and protects the auto transmission and power steering system.
Prevents oxidation and aging of the transmission fluid.  Rejuvenates rubber seals

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