439 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237
412-367-4414      FAX: 412-367-7072

Monday - Saturday Noon - 9:00 pm

 In-Store Gaming and Tournaments    

In-Store gaming is available.

  •  Three separate game rooms for our gaming patrons.
  •  Six Games tables that can be used for RPG's, Miniatures Gaming,
     Board Games, and CCG's.
  •  Open gaming anyone can come and play during store hours.

Weekly Tournaments of

each Friday starting at 6:30 pm.

15 separate Role Playing Games Weekly.


A message from the game master.
We are so fortunate to have Phil Glotfelty
for these past 10 years, as store manager. 
He has become an invaluable asset to the
Game Masters and is your first source for
any or all info of items we handle. 
If you would like to meet the
game master,

the lord of imagination,
the wizard of wise,
the strategist of role playing  games,
and all around nice
game master...

click on...

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