January 12, 1918
Entered Heaven  March 26, 1999

March 26, is the anniversary of  MOM entering Heaven.
Anyone that met her or knew her enjoyed her simple being.
Always giving, never asking, and always an

Inspirational In Life

Days after Mom enter Heaven, I came upon a small booklet,
at her night stand, dated May, 1983.
Kept close to be read and preparing her for the day she would die.

  We all in life will morn the loss of those we LOVE, never a enjoyable experience, but inevitable.  We all must face our own last day.  Perhaps this message may be a inspiration.

To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer:
"Inspiration is,
in fact, your inherent, divine birthright!"

Mom always loved flowers, roses her favorite, the following excerpt from that booklet is contained in slides below. The captions of
each slide are the words she read preparing her on the day she would die.
Her inspiration (in-spirit).

There is a day ahead of me on the calendar... that GOD has put a ring around. On that day my heart is going to give its last beat. I am going to die.
On that day there is only one thing that is going to matter to me... Only ONE... ARE THE GATES OF HEAVEN IN FRONT OF ME.
Did I Make it? Or Did I Miss? Not another thing is going to matter... ONLY DID I MAKE IT!
This moment will come... more certain thing than that the sun will come up tomorrow morning.
Since this is most important and most certain thing in my life... I will begin right now, that when that moment comes, those are the gates of HEAVEN!
Now, in this job of getting myself to those gates of HEAVEN. I have everything going for me. There is NO reason whatsoever, why I shouldn't make it.
Because: GOD wants me in heaven. He wants to love me and share HIS HEAVEN with ME for all eternity.
That's God's plan for me... He has it all set up.
St. Augustine said it so well. "You have made us for YOURSELF, O GOD, and we will be ever restless until we rest in YOU.
I will never be perfectly happy until I rest in Him in Heaven.
If I don't get there. Well, it would have been better if I had never been born. It would be the greatest calamity, disaster, catastrophe imaginable!
GOD gave me the blueprint for getting to HEAVEN. HE gave me the exact directions.
The Directions are SIMPLE. KEEP MY FACE TURNED TOWARD GOD. Never turn your face from GOD.
If I don't make it to HEAVEN, it won't be anyone's fault but myself. I can only blame myself. I turned my back to GOD and turned over to evil.
GOD gives us the virtue of HOPE. "Relying on YOUR infinite goodness and promises, I HOPE to obtain life everlasting"
In other words, if I do my part, GOD will do HIS part. He will keep HIS promise.
I have my ticket to heaven.


One last thought:  When I have a job to do, I am not completely at peace. 
I am not completely at rest until I get the job done; get it finished,
get it over with, not out of the way.  I don't like something hanging, unfinished, incomplete. 
It interferes with relaxing, with resting.

But GOD gave me the job of getting myself to heaven.  Of course, along the path laid out for me in my vocation in life and the duties involved.  But whatever is involved, let us get the job done and over with.  Let's get to heaven.  Then my job is done. Then I have achieved the end for which I was created. The day of my death is going to be - besides the MOST IMPORTANT - the MOST EXCITING, the MOST THRILLING day of my life.

Ps. 41:1-2  

"As the deer longs for the running waters, so my soul longs for YOU O' GOD.
A thirst is my soul for GOD, the living GOD.
When shall I go and behold the face of GOD